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2024 Summit Resources

Click here for notes and resources from each session of the 2024 Summit.

  • Florida’s Health Policy Landscape: A Legislative Session Debrief & Medicaid Unwinding Reflections
    Speaker Bios: · Rep. Anna Eskamani, MPA, MNM, Florida House of Representatives · Erica Monet Li, MPH, CHES®, Florida Policy Institute · Dave Spore, Florida House of Representatives · Erin Booth, Storyteller Additional Resources: · 2024 Legislative Session Debrief Webinar (Watch here) · 2024 Legislative Session Debrief (Presentation Slides) · Map of Children’s Coverage Loss in Florida (Florida Policy Institute) · Florida Medicaid Appeals Toolkit (Florida Health Justice Project)
  • Florida’s Maternal and Mental Health Crisis
    Speaker Bios: Adetola F Louis-Jacques, M.D., University of Florida Marni Stahlman, Mental Health Association of Central Florida Marshara Fross, PhD, MPH, CPH, the University of South Florida Center of Excellence in Mental Health Care Dr. Dani Rosenkrantz, PhD, Brave Space Psychology Additional Resources: Mental Health Association of Central Florida Florida Mental Health Advocacy Coalition Maternal and Reproductive Health Resources (Florida Health Justice Project) Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health Resources (University of South Florida)
  • The Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative
    Additional Resources: • Get involved: Organization Sign Up | Individual Sign Up • Printable petitions: English Petition | Spanish Petition | Creole Petition • Ballot language: Full Ballot Text • Donate to the campaign here
  • Keynote Presentation with Sister Simone Campbell, SSS
    Speaker Bio: Sister Simone Campbell is a religious leader, attorney, and poet whose health care policy and advocacy work was recognized by President Obama as pivotal to the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Sister Simone worked in state level policy in California for 18 years as founder of the Oakland Community Law Center, then went on to serve for 17 years as Executive Director of NETWORK, Lobby for Catholic Social Justice. She has won numerous awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Award, and the Defender of Democracy award. Read more here.
  • Innovative Strategies to Improve Oral Health Access and Outcomes
    Speaker Bios: Melodie Griffin, CareQuest Institute for Oral Health Dr. Natalia I. Chalmers DDS, MHSc, PhD, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Dr. Tim Garvey, DMD, University of Florida College of Dentistry Nicole Sutton, MPH, CPH, CHES, Florida Oral Health Parent Advisory Committee member Additional Resources: Florida Oral Health Stories and Resources (Florida Voices for Health) Florida Oral Health Alliance & Parent Advisory Committee (Learn More)
  • Life On and Off Florida’s iBudget Waiver
    Speaker Bios: Dorotea Lantz, Prader-Willi Syndrome Association JJ Holmes, Disability Advocate Alison Holmes, Disability Advocate Alan Abramowitz, The Arc of Florida Additional Resources: Florida Voices for Health’s Disability Advocacy The Arc of Florida Congressional Letter of Support from Congress to the FDA which supports the work being done for research and development in the PWS space. Promising Pathways Act One-Pager Externally Led Patient Focused Drug Development Meeting – Voice of the Patient Report: EL PFDD - Prader-Willi Syndrome Association | USA ( Petition to request that the FDA file, grant priority review, and review the application for DCCR for people living with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS).
  • From Idea to Policy: A Legislative Advocacy Workshop
    Speaker Bios: Letitia Harmon, Florida Rising Jonathan Webber, Southern Poverty Law Center Maura Plante, Living Hungry, Florida Health and Nutrition Coalition Cameron Ghalayini, University of Florida
  • Getting Attention: A Workshop on Communications and Generating Earned Media
    Speaker Bios: Christine Sexton, Florida Politics Natasha Sutherland, MA, MST, Florida Watch, The Florida Communications and Research Hub Sonia Lindell, Florida Policy Institute Jimmy Clarity, American Heart Association Additional Resources: Earned Media Tips from Florida Watch Earned Media Tips from Florida Policy Institute
  • Perspectives on Youth Organizing Workshop
    Speaker Bios: Taylor Aguilera, Floridians Protecting Freedom Manny Rin, Student PIRGs Logan Mills, Community Catalyst
  • Keynote Presentation: Q&A with Representative Susan Valdés & Barbie Harden Hall
    Speaker Bios: Representative Susan Lopez-Valdés is the State Representative for Florida's 64th House District. During her time in the legislature, she has focused on education, the environment, healthcare, and economic development. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Manhattan College. Read more here. Barbie Harden Hall Barbie Harden Hall was born in Eustis, Florida and attended Harding University and Troy University. She earned an associate degree from Valencia College in 2009. Her career experience includes working as a small business owner. The Central Florida paralegal became involved in policy after her son, Everett, was diagnosed in late 2021 with metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD). It claimed the 2-year-old’s life in May 2022 about six months after the initial diagnosis, due to complications from a cord blood stem cell transplant. She has since become active promoting awareness of MLD and other rare diseases impacting children. Now, she’s doing so by running for Congress. Read more here.

Speaker Bios

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